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Sales & Acquisitions.


If you’re looking to sell your property, pricing is an important factor and can definitely have an affect on whether your property retrieves any relevant interest or not. If you select us as your agent, we will conduct an independent assessment of your property of which will be carried out by your locally based property expert. Along with the report and the visit, we will explain how the market is currently performing, providing you advice and guidance on how to maximise your sale price.

To launch your property on the market we will be required to visit your property in order to take photographs, draw up a floorplan by taking measurements of each room whist being intuitive and taking notes down of its key selling points. We will also provide guidance on how to make your property look before any photos are taken to ensure the listing looks perfect and that it reaches its potential. Once the photos, description, price, available date and listing specifics have been finalised, it will be sent to you for approval before it’s officially launched onto the market.

All prospective buyers a considerably vetted prior to arranging a suitable time and date for a viewing whilst providing them with all necessary information ensuring that nothing is missed out.

Feedback will be provided after each and every viewing with advisories, performance updates and market updates to ensure your property is well positioned to sell for a price you are ultimately happy with.

With each potential offer received, Devinco will negotiate the highest possible price whilst assessing the buyers real financial position whether that be a cash buyer or a buyer of which is required to raise finance (mortgage buyer). Should the outcome of the offer be accepted and confirmed, se will ask for proof of deposit and should they be raising finance, we will ask for their mortgage offer.

In a positive event of which an offer has been accepted, we will prepare a ‘memorandum of sale contract’ to the seller, the buyer and the solicitors of which the sale conveyancing process will begin. We will be with you every step of the way providing you with constant updates and check ins. We will be corresponding to all parties involved in the sale
up until completion. We will assure you that we’ll do everything in our power to make this as easy as possible for you.

If you would like to enquire about our bespoke sales services, please contact us HERE.


For any clients looking to purchase or rent property in London, we can provide an exceptional search and acquisition service. We are completely aware that the procedure of searching and finding a property can be very time consuming and stressful all at once which is why Devinco can assist with all necessary requirements.

By taking advantage of the office’s vast experience with London property market knowledge along with further exceptional property expertise, we are well positioned to assist our clients with finding the perfect property. This will then include negotiating the best of terms, ensuring there are no hidden factors from start to finish. Devinco is dedicated to be there for you throughout the entirety of the process including any finances and legals, all the the way up until those completion statements are received. This will be the case if it’s a personal residence, a buy to let or even a commercial asset no matter how big no matter how small.

If you would like to enquire about our bespoke acquisition services, please contact us HERE.

Lettings & Property Management.

Lettings & Property Management

At Devinco we offer a tailor-made consultancy service of which our intent is to maximise your profits, and ensure long term capital growth. We always take a professional approach every time we represent our clients to ensure full peace of mind. Devinco provides a fully integrated service which offers a vast amount of general property advisories, transactional advice and property management facilities.

When letting a property, it is essential to provide a service which is not only strategic and bespoke but kept with the upmost discretion. Our personalised and confidential packages with all landlords and tenants has sincerely made us a trusted organisation when carrying out lettings at all types of levels.

We conduct provide consultancy, carry out market appraisals, we orchestrate viewings, liaise with the applicants and landlords to ensure full clarity alongside updates regarding the market conditions and any progress/negotiation.

As soon as an arrangement has been finalised, we ensure that the entire tenancy is put in place effectively and then oversee the continuous occupancy of the property in the landlords best interests whilst also ensure full customer satisfaction from any applicants/tenants.

Devinco would ensure that we represent the property to its full potential to ensure a successful let by marketing your property using our extensive database of applicants locally, nationally and internationally. We would also be mindful as legislation changes constantly so we will always be up to do with this whilst keeping you informed with any new requirements which include Healy and safety and any related consents and conditions needed for letting your property.

We have different levels of service so you can choose what suits you as ultimately we are here to do whatever you need us to do! You can either manage your property yourself, or we can look after it throughout your entire lettings journey as a landlord and take responsibility for its management. Whichever you choose, our teams will guide you every step of the way.

If you would like to enquire about our bespoke lettings and management services, please contact us HERE.

Vacant Property Management.

Looking after your home.

Our vacant property management experience allows us to offer the highest levels of service and care to our clients and their homes, either primary or secondary. Our team is ready to serve you and meet your needs. Here is what you can expect when commissioning Super Prime Home Management to look after your home.

  1. We will conduct an initial consultation with you. We will inspect the property’s interior and exterior and meet your staff (if any).
  2. We will then write a report, and any recommendations we think will be beneficial to the client and the upkeep of the estate.
  3. We will work with you to determine which tier home management package will suit your needs.
  4. We will get to work.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services to meet your real estate needs. No task is too big as we like a challenge and promise to get the job done. We are here to assist or take full responsibility to help our clients in the running of your primary or secondary home. Our home management team works closely with clients making sure the client is always satisfied with the work being done on their property. Our clients have one person of contact that they trust and can discuss any issue. We are committed to the service we bring you, by offering continued support and ongoing maintenance.

For more information about our luxurious homecoming and lifestyle perks and you would like to enquire about our bespoke vacant management services, please contact us HERE.

Vacant Management Packages.


Property inspections, Property Management & Estate Care, Secure Key Holding, Vendor & Tradesman Supervision - £POA


Car Management, Concierge, Ongoing Reactive Maintenance, Post and Bill Management, Property Inspections, Property Management & Estate Caretaking, Secure Key Holding, Vendor & Tradesman Supervision - £POA


Chauffeur Services, Concierge, Fridge Stocking, On Call 24/7/365, Ongoing Reactive Maintenance, Post and Bill Management, Property Inspections, Project Management, Property Management & Estate Caretaking, Secure Key Holding, Staff Management, Vendor & Tradesman Supervision +More - £POA

Maintenance & Construction

Style Of London

At Devinco, our project management, maintenance, and construction services are delivered to the highest standards, ensuring excellence in every detail. Whether it’s a minor repair or a large-scale renovation, our dedicated team meticulously oversees each project from inception to completion. We manage timelines, budgets, and resources with precision, ensuring that all work is carried out efficiently and to the highest quality.

Our maintenance services cover routine upkeep and emergency repairs, preserving the value and functionality of your property. In construction, we handle everything from planning and design to execution, delivering bespoke solutions that meet your specific needs and exceed your expectations. At Devinco, no job is too small or too big; we are committed to delivering superior results that enhance your property’s value and your lifestyle

If you would like to enquire about our maintenance and construction services, please contact us HERE.


Looking out for you

As part of our unique relocation services, we are able to assist clients with a full suite of services designed to remove the stresses and complications from relocating to the UK.

These not only include tax, financial and legal issues, but also the more personal requirements such as school admissions, healthcare advice and cargo and logistics arrangements.


If you would like to enquire about our bespoke relocation services, please contact us HERE.

Private Office

Style Of London

Devinco Private Office updates the concept of the individual private office with a multi-Member platform served by a world-class team of in-house professional advisers who work in tandem with our network of trusted partners.
The Private Office’s mission is the protection and promotion of our clients’ interests whether personal or commercial. We work closely with clients on a vast array of projects, requests, and mandates. Our work is characterised by its precision and our approach by its professionalism.

We work closely with our clients to define their corporate vision and achieve their strategic objectives. Devinco’s Private Office has a unique and proven expertise representing individuals and companies in the boardroom. Our experienced team knows best how to take existing, as well as new, business propositions and present them credibly and clearly.

If you would like to enquire about our bespoke private office services, please contact us HERE.

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